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Magno-z Series 2 - Single Canister

  • Collect the characters!
  • Play the game!


Magno-z are collectable stylised rope figures with magnets for their hands and feet, large round faces adorned with wicked graphics and spiky coloured hair! The best things to come out of Australia since the boomerang, they stick to anything (as long as it's metal of course). Highly collectable, pose, click, hang, stick and join them.

Magno-z tins come blind packed. This means that even we dont know which Magnoz will be in each tin. What we do know is that each tin contains the largest selection of mixed Magno-z around. Will you be lucky enough to find a Rainbow Warrior in yours? Each tin comes with 100 single Magno-z, great for counter display. Ideal for competitions, activity groups, scouts, cubs, youth clubs and schools.

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